Inter Wines Group Mission

To leverage our relationships and knowledge on the liquor industry for

establishing business relationships with the ideal distributors according to the

product type, profile and mutual expectations among the US.


▪ Investments in our people, we trust our team and we strive to always be the

best in the Industry.

▪ To always considered as a Pioneers on intruding highly recognized brands

and quality products on the US Market.

Inter Wines Group Vision

Inter Wines Group Vision

To be the leading, most prestigious importer of alcoholic beverage from all

over the world to the US market. Always being the fist on offering the most

innovative products in the industry. To be always considered as a distinctive

and trustable importer bringing new value for our customers and suppliers.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Manpower is our strongest tool, key people are our most fundamental and

valuable resource.

We consider each one of our people as part of a big family; teamwork is been

always part of our success.